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Do you have any photos of The Phantom singing his final note, but instead of the picture being vertical it's horizontal? Hopefully that made sense.


Well, if not the very last note, here’s at least some from the last half of the Final Lair scene: 

Thomas Schulze, Hamburg: 

Hugh Panaro, Broadway: 

Alexander Goebel, Vienna: 

Flemming Enevold, Copenhagen: 


Phantom dummy heads backstage: 

1. Anthony Crivello’s Las Vegas deformity in sculpting. This is the best example of how similar the Vegas deformity looked unpainted. 
2. Peter Karrie’s deformity and slick wig, Toronto. 
3. Michael Crawford’s original headcast and deformity, West End. 
4. Anthony Warlow’s fedora, ready for a healthy meal Aussie/World Tour. 
5. Michael Lackey’s headcast and fedora in Las Vegas. 
6. Anthony Crivello’s slick wig in Las Vegas. 
7. Flemming Enevold’s mask and alopecia wig, Copenhagen. 
8. Flemming Enevold’s slick wig, Copenhagen. 

I just wonder: how would one construct that plain white Phantom/Charles-Dance-Mask? I really adore this mask but I got noooo idea how to do such a thing (I'm awful at sewing and even worse at anything else). But Halloween's getting closer... So, I would totally appreciate any tips, tricks and information!!!! Love your stuff! I really do, you are such a freaking inspiration, even to people untalented as me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Hi, thank you so much for the ask! :)  I’m assuming you’re talking about the below mask (since he has several in that film)?


If you want to keep costs low, the easiest thing is to go to a nearby Halloween store (like a Party City, Hobby Lobby, or Halloween specific shop) and picking up a cheap, generic white full face mask.  These usually run about $3-5.  Cut out around the mouth, and trim around the top corners to round those off a little bit.  Those masks are usually made of thin plastic, so they are easy to trim with scissors or an exacto knife.  Just mark where you want to cut with a pencil before you start cutting.

Since that mask has a tan-ish tint to it, if you want to be super accurate you can throw some acrylic paint on it to give it that look, or leave it plain white.  His mask is also kept on with what appears to be either elastic or string, and those party masks already come with elastic…so not only is it convenient and cheap, in this instance it’s somewhat accurate.  Put some dark eyeshadow all around your eyes and you’ll be all set!

For homemade options, probably the most low-budget yet creative option I’ve seen is this clever method using tin foil, newspaper, paper towel, and flour paste!  A slightly less complicated, but slightly more expensive version of the same thing is this example using plaster wrap to build the mask on your face.  This guarantees a great fit to your features.  For attachments, either drill a small hole on each side of the mask in front of the ear and attach with elastic or string, or hot glue some craft wire to the inside of the mask (which would not require holes in the mask itself).

I hope that was helpful, if you have any additional questions let me know. Thank you so much once again for the ask and the lovely compliments!  They really blew me away, it makes me feel so great to help people out with their costuming goals.  It’s incredibly humbling for me to read those words.  You ARE talented, everyone has it in them to do this stuff, sometimes we just have to get a starting point.  Have fun!  :)

I’m not actually aloud to take the mask off on camera… but I might give you a little sneak peek. Okay, that’s all I’m aloud to do, otherwise I might get told off by Cameron Mackintosh. (x)

"Like a bat out of hell
I’ll be gone when the morning comes
Oh, when the night is over
Like a bat out of hell
I’ll be gone, gone, gone,

But when the day is done
And the sun goes down
And the moonlight’s shinin’ through…
Then like a sinner
Before the gates of Heaven
I’ll come crawlin’ on back to you…”

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The Phantom of The Opera (1989)

"Your father has sent me. I am your angel. All of your lesssons have led to this moment. We will make music that the world will love forever. Take the last step to me. To your destiny. To immortality."


how to design clothes: can your character move wearing these? yes? you’re doing it wrong 

Clara the adorable fangirl and the Doctor being a life ruiner 。◕ ‿ ◕。


Kind of afraid to ask Alan Rickman for his autograph.